Guns'n'Glory Free

Live the life of an outlaw cowboy


  • Good gameplay
  • Nice graphics


  • Can get repetitive


Guns'n'Glory is a strategy game, allowing you to live the lives of famous Old West outlaws.

The game gives you the opportunity to recruit your own gang, consisting of cowboys, Native Americans, and others who will assist you in taking over the Wild West.

Graphics in Guns'n'Glory are like a cartoon, but contain a lot of bright color and details. Each of the characters is distinct and looks very unique.

Guns'n'Glory’s gameplay requires you to position your gang so they can take over caravans and get all the loot inside. Unlike static strategy games, Guns'n'Glory lets you move your gang around so they can get better angles.

The mix of cowboys and strategy bring something new to Symbian in Guns'n'Glory.



Guns'n'Glory Free

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